GameDay - Trebon 2018
29.Apr 2018
We're getting some great new armor ready for GameDay at Anifilm 2018 ( Come see us at the show and join us for a game of LostHero. You'll love our latest updates!
12.Apr 2018
Interview at HREJ.CZ (Czech language only).
RPG Magazin
6.Apr 2018
We got some solid mentions in RPG Magazin (video is Czech language only).
Czech Game Developers Association
4.Apr 2018
Our studio, GoldKnights, is one of the founding members of the Czech Game Developers Association.
16.Mar 2018
Check out this online stream showing the first multiplayer version on Twitch (Czech language only).
White Nights 2018
26.Feb 2018
White Nights Prague. For us this was an amazing event. We met lots of interesting people, including representatives from Epic, developers of the hugely popular Unreal Engine we use for our game.
16.Feb 2018
Here's an interview with the founder of LostHero, done by Czech online server, (Czech language only).
GDS 2017
24.Nov 2017
Showing LostHero for the first time at the Game Developers Session 2017. This was an amazing experience, getting to directly witness people's interest in our game and hear their feedback. It was a great session.
Second Game Video
25.May 2017
Here's our second game video. At this point we're seeing much better level design and a better fight system, but there's still a lot of work ahead.
PvP Video
16.Sep 2016
Our first game video. This was the first public version of the game, and it was a PvP. Though fun to play, it actually ended up a bit of a dead end. Ultimately we decided PvP was not the way we wanted to take it, and focused instead on a PvE format.
First Screenshots
1.Jun 2016
Here you can see where it all began. These are screenshots from the very fist version of LostHero. Check out the fat guy in the cool chair! He may come back later ...